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A world curriculum with sustainability as a catalyst of change

Sustainability has gained a lot of attention over the past few decades, particularly in relation to protecting the natural environment and stemming the fast pace of climate change ensuing in natural/ human-made disasters across the globe. The general focus of sustainability is on the physical change in the Earth’s atmosphere because of polluting emissions and various types of avoidable human activities largely driven by greed and avarice.

Despite the hype surrounding the topic, little has been done so far, especially in highlighting the linkages of sustainability with the mental health of humans in their modern lives full of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

The dominant philosophies guiding the contemporary curricula based upon competition and ‘survival of the fittest’ need to be realigned with futuristic new philosophies in which sustainability becomes a catalyst of change. The interconnections of life cycles between humans, plants, animals, and the larger eco-system need to be explained in this new context.

By keeping sustainability at its heart – all streams of knowledge at World Curriculum are being realigned to inculcate the virtue of ‘empathy’ not only between humans but all interactions of humans with the natural environment in its totality. 

World Curriculum helps in gradually transforming the individual, local, national and international identities (full of arrogance and ego) with the identity of nature (the collective cosmic identity full of humility and empathy), thus relieving individuals of the stresses and anxieties of modern life while opening new vistas for experiencing eternal heavenly bliss on the planet Earth.

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Better for Learners, Better for the Schools

At World Curriculum, a long overdue change is  being brought about on all fronts - curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to make them relevant to the needs of the 21st Century..

Innovation - Driven Education

Innovation is at the core of World Curriculum, whereby learners are encouraged to think "critically", challenge the status quo with  rationale and come up with pragmatic solutions for real-life problems.


Data-Powered Learner Outreach

World Curriculum is using a data-driven approach for reaching out to potential learners in most difficult situations- migrants, living in war zones, natural calamities, political instability, facing unemployment, and no educational option due to senior age.

Next Generation Technologies in Education

Technology is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool in every aspect of human life. World Curriculum is deploying leading-edge technologies for making education stress-free, enjoyable and for making human life virtuous, moral, and ethical.


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Nederlandstalig Genootschap voor de Vergelijkende studie is born

Dr. CC de Keyser (Leuven, Flanders) and Dr. E. Velema (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) founded the Dutch-Speaking Society of Comparative Education (NGVO)



Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan is born

Dr. A.K. Kusainov founded the Academy, which houses the Council of Comparative Education in Kazakhstan (CCEK) chaired by him


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