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Higher Education

Higher education opens new vistas for younger adults by acquiring knowledge and skills to become entrepreneurs and professionals in a field of their choice. 

World Curriculum is creating a global outreach for providing learning opportunities for all age groups, irrespective of economic conditions, religious/ cultural restrictions, wars, pandemics, and natural calamities.

Technology has allowed World Curriculum and its partner schools to deliver online content based upon a global curriculum automatically translated in over 100 languages of the world. The content and assessments are accessible on economical smart phones with affordable data plans for most people even in developing countries.

We proudly introduce World Master of Business Administration (World MBA) for graduates and Integrated World Master of Business Administration (Integrated World MBA) for under graduates. In these programs, the learners will acquire motivation, skills, and knowledge to become entrepreneurs and exemplary managers in multinational corporations.  

After completing these programs, the learners should be able to:
PO1: Set strategic professional and personal goals for benefitting the local community and the whole world
PO2: Exhibit meticulous planning, exemplary demeanor, and excellent work ethics even in tough business situations
PO3: Take informed business decisions and achieve goals while appreciating global diversity, values, and cooperation

By driving inspiration from Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest', typical MBA programs are based upon competition, which inevitably ensues in greed, jealousy and ego,. World MBA lays the foundations of cooperation, generosity, empathy and peaceful coexistence by combining the best of theories and praxis from the East and the West.

Please fill out the below form for enrolling yourself in World MBA/ Integrated World MBA and we shall get back to you with more details. 

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